About Oh!FreeFood

OhFreeFood is an app that enables sharing and requesting food for free. This app focuses on providing a platform which is very user friendly and a platform to do charity as easy as 123, everything is on our finger tips. This platform encourages people of all ages from all around the world to share excess, extra or even new food using an app.

The food givers have the right to choose to whom the food should be given and they can also decide where the food receivers should take the food either at their home or just meet up somewhere to collect. We encourage people to give us full support and share our app so that many people will know and start using this unique app.

Thank you from OhFreeFood team.

19,000 Installed

Since Our Inception in January 2019


Sharing food hasn't been easier than this!

Take a photo and fill the required information about the food you are sharing as well as set the meet up point. Simple and Straightforward.

You will have the power to choose who to give. No hidden charge is applied.

Upload Time - 3 Minutes
Beneficial - Infinity


Request Your Favourite Food

The apps will guide you how easily you may request your favourite food.

Various menu and type are available to be choose. Request and wait for the donor to approve your request.


Start Sharing Now

Let us together be the one who start this innitiative for a better world. Zero hunger for all!

Ohfreefood Introduction video.

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User Comments From Store

  • Perfect apps for people in needs...sharing is caring. Addy Bear - Android User.

  • Really helpful and giving a chance to everyone to share their kindness not juz only the food..Love.. 💕 Faez Sham - Android User

  • Sharing is caring. Sharing your food with others can't be any easier. New concept. New idea. What else to say? This is excellent. You can contribute your food for a cause. Definitely 5 ⭐ from me. Substance n Hype - Android User.

  • Very comprehensive apps for donation food to others! One Dragon - Android User.

National TV Appearance

Invited to one of the famous talkshow in the country.

Ohfreefood making its debut today featured again in the National TV N5 news by RTM. We were earlier interviewed in the morning 'Selamat Pagi Malaysia'.

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